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Madigan's Account: The Mawson Expedition

Transcribed by J. W. Madigan
ISBN 9781921767098
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These diaries describe the experiences of Cecil Thomas Madigan in Antarctica as a member of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition.
There were three landed parties: one of five men on Macquarie Island led by George Frederick Ainsworth, one the Western Party of eight men on the Shackleton Ice Shelf led by John Robert
Francis Wild, and the third and largest party of eighteen men led by Douglas Mawson based at Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay.
Madigan gives his account of the first year at the main base at Cape Denison; of the wondrous environment he found himself in, the living conditions and relationships formed, the care of the
polar dogs, the hardships endured and the happy times enjoyed, and the preparations for the four main sledging journeys of exploration which, apart from the collection of data and specimens during that year, were the principal reason for the expedition.